Thank you to CloudBusiness LLC & Business Importer

We would like to extend a huge thank you to CloudBusiness LLC for their assistance and generosity during our launch of the African Accounting Academy.

CloudBusiness is a company that develops cloud-based solutions for accounting software. Their products allow companies to import and export transactions quickly into accounting software such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage One, saving accountants and their companies time and money.

A key part of of the African Accounting Academy was a week-long simulation using QuickBooks Online. The simulation was run using a demo company (called Kigali Property Managers) that we designed from the ground up. Each student was a junior accountant at KPM and they began the simulation mid-month. They were tasked with recording transactions and completing the month-end reporting. We had 20 students who each signed up for a QBO trial account. The tricky part was that each student needed to see the same data and past transactions in their individual account.  Given limitations in QuickBooks Online, we struggled to find a way to export the data from the demo account we created and import all that data (opening balances, journal entries, customers, suppliers, etc) into the 20 individual student accounts.

CloudBusiness’ Business Importer tool for QuickBooks Online came to our rescue! The tool was able to seamlessly export and import data across the accounts, saving us many hours and headaches. Ilya at CloudBusiness provided us with top notch support and the company generously provided us free one-month premium licenses so that we were able to use the product for each of our students here in Rwanda.