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Erin did a phenomenal job at BBOXX as a consultant. Her leadership skills transformed the performance of the accounting team. Erin did a thorough and careful review of the company’s financial controls. Erin also provided additional support by:

– Reviewing and improving our Accounting Policies and Procedures;
– Providing guidance and improving our monthly financial reports;
– Training the team on fundamental accounting standards and ensuring that they are followed; and
– Assisting with year-end audit preparation, leading to a smooth and stress-free audit.

Erin’s support and advice helped shape BBOXX’s accounting and finance team. We thank her for a great job done.
Victoria Batamuriza
Accounting & Finance Manager, BBOXX
Pascal Ambrosino was extremely value additive to our organization as an external consultant in early 2018. He worked with one of our Center Managers, who previously had no formal training in finance and had recently transitioned to Corporate, and trained him in Accounting, including Debits / Credits, P&L, Balance Sheet, and how to effectively use QuickBooks Online. Within two months, our Center Manager had filled the role of Financial Controller for Rwanda and has been doing an exceptional job managing our record keeping, expense management and overall books.

Previously, we used one of the major outsourced accounting firms in Rwanda who charged a significant premium. With Pascal's help we were able to quickly and effectively transition to an in-house solution which led to significant cost savings and more timely financial statements. We used to settle our unaudited monthly accounts in 20+ days, we now do it in one week.

Our Center Manager was a Case Study for the future academy Pascal and Erin were starting and he passed with flying colors. Their ability to build in-house talent, train and nurture employees makes them exceptional coaches. I look forward to seeing their Academy grow to be the preeminent training academy in Rwanda.
Nikhil Pereira-Kamath
Co-Founder & CEO, Africa Healthcare Networks
Erin and Pascal did a thorough and careful review of our financial controls. They brought a truly unique perspective that combined 1) expertise on financial controls, 2) an understanding of the nuances of doing business in rural Rwanda, 3) a clear focus on capacity building within our organization, and 4) obvious passion for impact. They went above and beyond; we felt incredibly comfortable after engaging them as it was clear that they took a detailed look at every aspect of our business. EarthEnable's risk is substantially reduced, and therefore our impact greater, due to our work with Erin and Pascal. Thank you both and keep going!
Gayatri Datar
Co-Founder & CEO, EarthEnable
Erin and Pascal came on board as consultants but they integrated very quickly and felt part of the finance team while they were with us. They have both the experience of designing and implementing controls as well as the ability to tailor their advice to be suitable for a company of our size operating in East Africa. Within a very short space of time they were able to have a strong understanding of our business and the space that we operate in and this made their eventual report all the more valuable as the suggestions were those which we could implement immediately. They were a pleasure to work with throughout the process and did not cause any disruption to the normal workings of the finance department. The findings from their report have been incredibly useful in shaping our financial processes and policies and will continue to be of use to us in the future as we grow; I can’t recommend them enough and hope to work with them again!
Alex Gready
Finance Manager, EarthEnable
Erin spent two months with Gardens for Health International in Rwanda as a volunteer accountant. We asked her to conduct an audit of our expenses for the first six months of that year, which she completed while building the capacity of our team to use new structures to improve our overall financial transparency and accountability. Erin analyzed all processes and controls within the Finance function at GHI and revamped the full set of controls, based on her analysis. She also developed a plan for the new controls processes, ensuring the processes were effective and efficient given the size of our organization. Finally, she ensured new controls over financial reporting resulted in financial statements prepared accurately in accordance with US GAAP, per our reporting requirements.

In addition to her skill, and perhaps most impressively, Erin left a lasting impact on our team and organization after a very short period of time, understanding how to use our finance team’s background and abilities to improve our budgeting and accounting processes. After Erin’s time with us, the team felt empowered to conduct the team’s business more efficiently.
Anne Wanlund
Country Director, Gardens for Health
Erin has been a volunteer with Ghana Medical Help (GMH) since 2014, and is responsible for single-handedly orchestrating the creation and implementation of the organization’s financial framework. When Erin came on board, the organization was undergoing the transition from a volunteer-run non-profit to a registered charity with full-time and part-time staff. This represented a significant upgrade in the accounting standards to which the organization was held accountable. Erin was tasked not only with bringing the organization’s recordkeeping into compliance with GAAP, but also with designing the financial controls and risk management strategies for the organization, migrating the organization’s records from Excel into Quickbooks, trained incoming staff on how to use Quickbooks and to manage and maintain the records, assisting with annual returns, and more. Erin’s efforts enabled the organization to reconcile longstanding conflicts within accounts, greatly improve financial operating processes, and successfully complete a review engagement with a public accountant in 2016.

Erin was awarded the “GMH Genius Award” in 2016 for her outstanding contribution to the organization. Her thorough, research-based approach to addressing the organization’s financial requirements enabled her to implement a long-term solution that was ideally suited to the organization’s scope and resources at that time, but also readily scalable as the organization continued to grow. We can say with confidence that GMH would not exist as it does today without Erin’s incredible commitment and dedication.
Olivia Knight
Director of Operations Canada, Ghana Medical Help